The best way to shave your penis

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Shaving indeed makes your toy bigger and your partner he or she will love it more. Shelly I was only googling what is an antique tool that looks like a comb when I found this I prefere clean shaven pubic feels clean and appears bigger. Lightly glide your razor over your pubic area. Couldn't imagine being any other way now! As long as you are using a modern razor and not a knife or a straight razor, you'll be fine.

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Removing Pubic Hair

Baby oil is another option. Wash out your razor between each stroke because shaving with a clogged up razor could lead to cuts. You will itch like crazy if you do. Avoid menthol or heavily scented creams since they are a known irritant. Do not press hard--your razor or body groomer will work without force. After you trim your long hair off your scrotum the first time in the bathroom, you can trim your scrotum hair more easily by lying on your bed on your back.

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the best way to shave your penis
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the best way to shave your penis
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