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Make it your own, but try to DHV through a friend while also making her just sure of herself and comfortable enough to take a picture. Never show your face, so it cant be used as blackmail mental note ive made. An example of this I found at a pickup site. This only seems to work well if its a new girl, not someone in your orbit who youve talked to many times. Or ask for a print, or a dress, or a skirt. First ask her to take a current picture of her, just for you, on her phone.

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Act like it is no big deal and subtly remind them if they forget always at the end of the paragraph, see below.

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So many girls doing this now. Think about the retards that ask her about her day, or her fav ice cream. Homework — hey lazy ass, read this entire post and realize that this process may require more time and thought than you are willing to put forth. Of course I was too beta and never showed up. Sent via Facebook Mobile DF 7: Have you ever modeled in the nude? Or ask for a print, or a dress, or a skirt.

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