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The sight of Miranda, close to tears, sitting on her loo with her filthy hair and no sleep, desperate because her friends either don't understand or don't care, was a revelation. The local Republican and serial killer used to hang out in the parking lot. She's been obsessed with Yakima nectarines and cherries, as well as the Skagit strawberries and blueberries of early summer. How You'll Feel the First Time in Gifs While it's a nice thought to think that breastfeeding can actually increase our sex drives, what most moms remember about those first weeks with their new babies is being constantly exhausted, trying to figure out how to get baby to latch, breast tenderness, and lots of changes in their bodies, hormones and moods. However, if you're due a few new tops, and see a feeding one that you like, you never know:

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While I see nothing wrong with using a cover for your own comfort, some women and some babies are more comfortable without one.

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Miranda, my hero

And every day, I wonder what exactly goes into this miraculous substance. However, there are many breastfeeding mothers that are Christian, and the scathing glares, hateful comments, and all around lack of support even from their fellow Christians is appalling. As I held her close, her body fiery and fragile, I tried to picture her saliva entering my body, my mammary glands interpreting it, my body producing her medicine, my breasts giving some defense against what she was fighting. The story of the deadliest influenza in history — York, York. At least, not by early 21st century American standards of modesty.

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