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I know I may act like a dick sometimes, but that doesn't mean that I will ever stop loving you or wanting you. She was his first… and he was her first. Her head turns, scanning the room. She quirked her head to the side as if it was obvious. He avoided being around her as much as possible, had stopped talking to her unless it was absolutely necessary and there was a cold, bitter quality to his voice whenever he did speak to her now. She peered back at him over her shoulder, hair falling in dark tendrils over her shoulders, and all he wanted to do was yank that towel off and commit a cardinal Connor sin all over again. He'd be reduced to an inarticulate, pathetic staring mess if he let himself see how sexy she looked with beads of water clinging to the bare curves that'd starred in each and every one of his wet dreams for the last six months.

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He wanted to remember everything that was happening so he was taking a mental picture for later use.

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Is it really yours? His rejection ignited a sensation within Cameron that she'd never experienced before and didn't fully understand. When cornered, John was at his most unpredictable and most dangerous. So where were all these thoughts coming from? At the twelfth week of pregnancy the baby's gender could be determined. She moaned a little louder this time causing John to chuckle a little bit.

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