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He looked at his watch, and then back to Lex. Besides, who would believe a young tearaway like him. Jonathan said, "Go wait for me in the barn while I get Lightening calmed down enough to come in. But as it stands right now, I can't be sure if you're telling me the truth, or lying to get out of a more serious spanking. So you can stay with us anytime you like.

When Lex darted a glance his way, Clark said, "Dad's gonna kill you.

He was about five feet ten and quite well built. He knew his farm inside and out, and something still felt wrong. He started to cry quietly and hoped that Lex couldn't see. The characters will be one dimensional and idiotic. He then turned Clark around and bent him over the desk again. When Martha came in, she went and lay down beside him on the bed. It's not my fault that they're worried.

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