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Using her quick thinking, Foxy uses a razor to get free and escapes her captors by setting the farm on fire. They were independent, fighting to save their families not accepting rape or being victimized Foxy Grier takes her brother Link Antonio Fargas to task for betraying her boyfriend. After an exchange of words and heated death threats, Miss Kathryn decides to keep her alive in hopes of her being worth some money in the sex-slave trade. Nelson George states that Pam Grier has been embraced by many feminists for her roles that not only display her beauty, but also her fearlessness and ability to exact retribution on men who challenge her. Foxy Brown was originally intended to be a sequel to his Coffyalso starring Pam Grier, and originally used the working title "Burn, Coffy, Burn! Blaxploitation was very popular at the time this film was made after parts of the film industry saw untapped box-office potential in the black audience.

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They give her a shot of heroin and then send her to a farm, which is actually a drug manufacturing plant, with two of Miss Kathryn's henchmen.

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It stars Pam Grier as the title character, described by one character as "a whole lot of woman", who showcases unrelenting sexiness while battling the villains. The film uses Afrocentric references in clothing and hair. Movie Poster for Foxy Brown. Then, Kathryn's second goon comes and gives Foxy another shot of heroin; the dealer begins to eye Foxy, quoting, "I'm beginning to get that ole feeling" before he begins fondling her breasts and rips off her bra. When Foxy aims to take revenge on the two hillbillies, we really, really want her to prevail. Grier starred in six blaxploitation films for American International Pictures.

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naked scenes from foxy brown the movie
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