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This is of interest to me because of the flexibility of the finished assembly in our earthquake prone area. Ten or more years in, a number of these homes are now showing signs of water damage. I have a question about: Stone structures benefit from the energy efficiency of thermal mass, something simulated masonry units lack. The stone or brick actually held up the weight of the roof and the structure above. This product is designed to save significant labor hours. The Monadonack Building in Chicago is many feet thick at the base, composed of multiple wythes a wythe is a single row thickness of brick of brick.

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The fact that it tends to slide off in large chunks during fires and earthquakes underscores this.

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You'll have to assign an exterior layer or two, which is easy. Versetta Stone is a concrete based product with a galvanized metal flange. Hopefully that was from a homeowner and not a mason. The structure needs to be shown as part of the framing on the drawings. The stone or brick actually held up the weight of the roof and the structure above. My worst masonry nightmare is to see the lick-n-stick stuff being applied, glued, to a wall, top edge first.

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