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These snakes, all of 18 — 24 inches in length, go into brumation prior to mating. Pythons, for example, wrap themselves around the eggs of their babies to protect them. And the thick shells are slightly protected. Every female is different, so she may choose to let the strongest and biggest snake win. If there is a large group of male snakes fighting for a female they will not fight each other or mark territory, but they will all at the same time try to crawl on top of the female and wrap around her. A female will have up to 12 snakes wrap in a ball around her to try and mate. The Gartner snake reaches sexual maturity at the age of 2.

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The typical mating season begins in April and ends in May.

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How Do Snakes Mate? 10 Facts Revealed

Males always come out first. How do snakes mate? Up to 25 males may choose to entangle themselves around the female in mating balls. Females have paired ovaries, and this is a place to practice internal fertilization. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. The snakes will hatch in just 3 months, and they do not help their babies at this time. Singapore Zoological Docents Nashville Zoo:

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