Shaved vs hairy vagina

When you are muffing them out you might hit it lucky and find the odd bit of food that got caught in the hair. Recent Posts Whiplr app review Quick thoughts: We must understand that we are subject to the fashion whims of porn that are designed by algorithms in order to turn a profit. Should I stay with my boyfriend? Whether that be keeping a fully smooth vagina or going full out hairy nature goddess. I like hair down there as long as it's cleaned up properly.

With the exception of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Tanzania the world votes a unanimous, hairy business.

To shave or not to shave down there? I won't let porn trends decide

The logic can extend past pubic hair to any type of fetish or act, from paraphilic infantilism, to fauxest, to anal, to simple old BDSM, to anything that we believe we are normal or abnormal for not wanting to try. Feel feminine — Same thing as above. I just find it arousing. When no one is asking, when the gaze is averted and the statistical wonks have gone home, this is what people, men, and women alike actually are interested in: They do shave for surgeries these days, just not with a razor because the razor is what increases the risk of infection. Google Trend data search volumes, the biggest statistical database of our actual behavior, reports a crushing victory for searches for hairy vaginas in the period between until

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