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We therefore observed that it was possible for these girls to do anything to get money from their unfortunate clients, not minding the risks their action has exposed their clients. Again, one prays not to fall into the hands of bad men who use girls for rituals. In Lagos these bad spots are uncountable as entertainment arena, including nude clubs where some of these girls who have graduated to masters in this flesh trade dance naked to please men for monetary compensation. These homosexual hide- outs though could be found in some cities in Nigeria, they are mostly located in the north, especially in the ancient city of Kano, where it is alleged that some big shots who engage these boys in sodomy did so for ritual purposes. Condom Talk 10 Facts about condoms you never knew. What usually happened then was that any city harbouring higher institutions where politicians are having their convention or any other meeting was usually a target.

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Nigerian Students Have Sex In School

Providing what looks like the devil's alternative to the problem of campus prostitution, Miss Ani Daniels advised indignant female undergraduates who cannot foot their bills on campus to look for mature and sensible sugar daddy at least to run away from the shameful act of going to bed with as many as ten men in a day. He stated that in most cases, "These girls graduate from sleeping with randy lecturers to full scale commercial sex, therefore more punitive measures should be meted to dons found guilty of spoiling these young girls and pushing them into prostitution. Though government has threatened to close the place down, people still converge there to catch fun. I fantasized about going on a date with him, then I started daydreaming about making love to him. This wild party is really wild as anything goes, including the girls going nude to the admiration of the clients and having wild sex collectively within the closet. And in Enugu, the Polo Park is where it happens as we accosted some students from some of the higher institutions there who came to solicit for bed mates just for money.

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nigerian campus girls nude video
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