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The new cast got put on this morning. Made out of plaster bandage. I was unable to close my eyes or lips. Cast fetishists derive sexual pleasure and arousal from people typically the opposite sex wearing casts on their limbs but may also be additionally aroused by people using crutches or who have a limp. When a kid discovers the absence of penis in his mother, he looks away from her terrified, and the first object he stares at after the trauma turns into his fetish object.

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I also know for a fact that medical casts, especially the big and restrictive ones, attracted me very early as well.

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Not quite a robot, but a bit futuristic-looking. Materials used may be clingfilm, cloth, bandages, rubber strips, duct tape, plaster bandages, bodybags, or straitjackets. One summer my family went on vacation for a week or so while I stayed at home because I had a summer job. I've not tried poly-foam since. I've attended some but always come back a little underwhelmed.

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life casting fetish
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life casting fetish
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