Sperm limitation drosophila

Male phenotype, fertility, and the pursuit of extra-pair copulations by female birds. Please review our privacy policy. Genetic variability in mating activity of Drosophila melanogaster males. Edvardsson M, Tregenza T. Genetics 47— Evidence of mate choice copying in Norway rats, Rattus norvegicus. Therefore, in nature, both chemical and visual public information may concur to female avoidance of mated males.

Nakatsuru K, Kramer DL.

When not to copy: female fruit flies use sophisticated public information to avoid mated males

Among others, it is possible that female mating preference may be driven by the costs of semen limitation, sexually transmitted diseases STDs that may affect female preferences in various ways 35363738or both. Hence the subsequent summations go through possible numbers of matings with male type after male type, jointly covering all possible female mating histories with resident males. The evolution of polyandry: We find that when the cost of mating differs between the sexes being cheap for one sex and expensive for the othermating strategies of the two sexes evolve to be highly divergent. The reason for the divergence in mating strategies is that the sex for which matings are more expensive restricts the number of matings in the population to a level which is optimal for that sex.

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