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Tagging Baby Sea Turtles ]. This organ in the male is quite extensive, relative to the turtle's body size; in some cases it can reach a length of half of the turtle's plastron. Monitor your turtle, and if the organ does not retract back into the cloaca on its own within several minutes, consult with your veterinarian. Did this article help you? Featured Articles Turtle and Tortoise Health. A Anonymous Mar

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Multiple mating may also increase a female's fitness by encouraging sperm competition and thereby increasing offspring quality Keller and Reeve ; Madsen et al.

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What is the Black Sack That Came Out of My Turtle's Tail?

Thanks for letting us know. However, unlike many mammals, turtles have no external genitalia. Answer this question Flag as The organ itself is large in proportion to the turtle, and dark purple in color. Journal of Morphology

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slider turtle sex organ
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