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Her elite sex was oozing with a green fluid and yet it was so arousing. I tried not to look at him, I tried to fight, but I was dragged away kicking and screaming. The cramped environment provided natural defenses for the alien resistors to hunker down behind. The force field acting as a door suddenly opens as an armed Sangheili with green slitted eyes and gray skin who is obviously female due to her curvy, thin frame. God, it had been so long ago. He too squelched the small voice that wondered what alien dong would taste like.

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The Master Chief crept silently into the wreck of a building, shotgun at the ready.

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There was a bed for two, a desk, and a mirror, even a cupboard built into a wall. She took off her under Coverings showing her Human-Sangheili hybrid Vgina. The Minor licked her mandibles, giving the Chief a view of small rows of teeth, two rows lining each mandible, and another row lining her upper lip. Robert learned teamwork, combat, demolition, and all the other essentials of war. But I was helpless. I was going crazy.

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