Heel dig or spank in tap

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I try to hit the important ones and the rest are optional if I get around to them. DIG Heel - 1 - hit the back edge of the heel tap against the floor. GRAB OFF see Pullbacks - a1 - jump backwards and "spank" hit the balls of the feet as your foot travels backwards both your feet as they leave the floor then land on the balls of both feet. SLAP - a1 - brush touch. Crossing Pullback - a1 - pull both feet into the air and land so that one foot is crossed in front of the other. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Tap dance choreographies typically start on the eighth beator between the eighth and the first count.

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Most movements, simple and complex, include "taps", "drops", "brushes" including shuffles and flapsand "steps".

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Tap dance technique

Stamp - 1 - place your foot flat against the floor with your weight on it. In and Out Pullback Jumping Jack Pullback - a1 a2 - start feet apart, pull both feet into the air and land feet together, pull into the air and land feet apart. Single Pullback One- Foot Pullback - a1 - start on one foot, push off the floor into the air and as your foot leaves the floor do a spank then land on the ball of the foot. SLIDE - 1 - run or push off of one leg and allow your feet to glide along the floor without leaving the floor. Tap dance makes frequent use of syncopation. Spank Brush Back, Draw, Pull - 1 - swing foot back hitting only the ball tap. Practice Tap Dance Combinations.

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heel dig or spank in tap
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heel dig or spank in tap
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