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Well, actually, in America I find this same dichotomy or schizophrenia of extreme social conservatism and extreme sexual liberalism that was manifest in Japanese society as well. I met the Chinese man my father wants me to marry to once before and he is OK. I have lived in both Japan, China and America and I can attest that hostilities between China and Japan have been grievously exaggerated by the western media and by the Chinese government. Sure you might want to ask, what about history, what about Rape of Nanking and other stupid stuffs like that? Ever since I was a little girl living in China, whenever I saw a white man walking by, he is almost always instantly surrounded by a cohort of desperate Chinese girls willing to do anything to please him and to be noticed by him. The natural role of an inferior asian woman. I always feel so much more excited whenever I was with Japanese men, and I never feel anything when I am with a Chinese man.

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Last night my boss made me work until 11 pm.

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Confession of inferior asian meat

Everyone stare at me like their eyes were going to fall out of their eye sockets. I myself would never dare admit such a thing in public, but only with a veil over my head I speak freely, lest I be put to shame and humiliated beyond words could describe. The mere thought of a piece of inferior asian meat having the honor to be owned by a white master brings immense satisfaction to my heart. Throughout human history conquest has been a constant theme of human nature, and the necessity for conquest have been and still is for the propagation of superior genes to guarantee the survival of the human species. At home, my aunt and I had to kneel all the time. My experience in Japan prepared me a lot when I came to America.

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asian submissive domination
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