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Today, there is a general problem in society in that women are still not given an equal place. It can seem that the Church forgets that the people are the Church, not the building. Understanding this, we can therefore move forward to explore with openness and faith where the young person is situated today, where the young person sees his or herself in relation to others, and how we as the Church can best accompany young people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world. These reflections were borne out of the meeting of more than young representatives from around the world, convened in Rome Marchat the inaugural Pre-Synodal Meeting of Young People and the participation of 15, young people engaged online through the Facebook groups. This is to give the Bishops a compass, pointing towards a clearer understanding of young people: Outside of the Church, many young people live a contented spirituality, but the Church could engage them with the right instruments.

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Thus, we have found that young people want authentic witnesses — men and women who vibrantly express their faith and relationship with Jesus while encouraging others to approach, meet, and fall in love with Jesus themselves.

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What is the best age to start modelling?

In a globalized and inter-religious world, the Church needs to not only model but also to elaborate on already existing theological guidelines for peaceful, constructive dialogue with people of other faiths and traditions. However, for some young women, these examples are not always visible. Beyond institutional decision-making, we want to be a joyful, enthusiastic and missionary presence within the Church. Young people especially respond to and enjoy being creative and expressive. It is important that these experiences be viewed and understood according to the various contexts in which young people are situated.

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