Shower for pleasure

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Most woman never have an orgasm during sex because it is in the wrong position — great design, God! And if your worried about wasting water Design offers more showering pleasure. It's no big deal, you shouldn't feel bad about it or anything. Are there any other girls out there that do it at such a young age?

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Showering pleasure

Well I have know Girls that were younger than 14 that figured out that a shower was for more than getting clean. The ache and warmth in my vulva grows and fills my genitals, spreads into the tops of my thighs and abdomen almost as if I am a collapsed balloon which is gradually being filled by warm water. Im 14, and almost everytime i shower i end up pointing the shower head its removable at my "good stuff" because it feels good. What makes a premium product? After shower orgasms I need about five minutes to recover and usually switch to the drench shower head and stand and let the water flood over me.

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shower for pleasure
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shower for pleasure
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