Cambodia midget fighting league

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The fight, which featured the Cambodian Midget Fighting League, was called in only 12 minutes, with the 14 fighters who lived suffering severe injuries, including lost limbs. Well sure, as Cambodian news stories go, this is out there. Well, the big problem is that only so many midgets can get within striking distance at once like maybe 10 at most. Hmmm, I would have gone with the grizzly, but I submit to the wisdom of the masses. Post Staff Publication date 03 June Is sprout really that powerful?

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Cambodian Midget Fighting League

Used to settle a bet between friends successfully tricking one friendthe lions vs. A pair of orphans has formed an unlikely bond on a South African game park although horns and a love for horse pellets are about the only things they have in common. The fan claimed that one lion could defeat the entire league of forty-two midget fighters. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. That was supposed to be midgetswasn't it? Thanks for the post.

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