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She felt his erection through his pants. But anyways, here is my first story: Being a teenager, she had urges of the sexual kind…but never had been able to fulfill them. Aang looked up at her with his bright gray eyes, making her heart flutter. She had to ignore the sounds of her brother touching himself at night. Both of them were taken by surprise.

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She pulled back from him and blushed, as did he.

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Katara took him in her hand again and placed him at her entrance. She had never kissed a boy before, but her lips seemed to move on instinct and she moved into his lap. She cried out loudly and tears ran down her face. Hey, this is my first story, so go easy. Katara smiled, "It's fine. Her hot wet walls squeezing the life out of him. Her hips started to grind against his, both of them moaning at the pleasure.

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avatar last airbender sex
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avatar last airbender sex
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