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With all of them averaging just over a minute in length there's not really much substance to these deleted scenes. Then it gets really weird! I should also note the cracking piece After Midnight from Mad Jack and the Hatters which accompanies the end credits. Select category Add custom category. Sally Dexter smoulders off the screen as the strict lead "Nurse" Margaret, a lady who runs her care home with a rod of iron yet manages to keep the movie grounded.

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There are no life-affirming changes that happen to Mavis.

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YOUNG ADULT Blu-ray Review

Select category Add custom category Go. Life isn't as simple as a dream and acting on a whim, it rarely goes as planned, and one certainly can't turn back the clock, let alone turn it back and remain in the present. Then it gets really weird! There's nothing to like about Mavis, but that's the point. High school was the pinnacle of Mavis' life and now she tries desperately to relive it through her characters.

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adult blu ray review
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adult blu ray review
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