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Ahsoka Tano and senator Riyo Chuchi travel to Pantora on an important mission, but not the way they expect Aayla collapsed down on the mattress. The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise. Bly moaned with pleasure. His pulse was strong, and he wasn't running a fever.

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Not only had their grandfather taken advantage of his desperately horny Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, their own grandmother had been equally devious, caught having sex with the legendary Obi Wan Kenobi, right behind her husband's back.

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One of the blue hands left its orange breast and reached down to grab and play with Ahsoka's sexy ass. Deciding he needed to hold on for dear life just from stopping himself from blowing his load way too early, Anakin took his hands off Aayla's soft ass and beautiful breasts and took hold of her lekkus for some added support. Look at those titties and that ass! She'd always felt a special connection to Bly, and her Force abilities allowed her to keep track of him even when they were in battle. They breathed heavily and moaned at an ever increasing volume, gasping for air. He immediately snapped awake. In the past two years, they grew and matured considerably.

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