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He cupped her head in his hands and pushed her down further on his erect penis. Remy came crashing down on the couch beside Rogue and had been just about to wrap his arm around her shoulders when, despite the girl's protests, Kitty grabbed her unprotected hand and pulled her to her feet - making sure to quickly let go again afterwards. In fact, she was loving it as he nailed her butt. Kathryn Beckwith aka Kitty Pryde. She had been working out extra hard, despite the already tough workouts that she had as an X-Woman. Kitty Pryde undresses Rouge.

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Bobby and Kitty 6. Then more recently he had started rolling her beneath him, using his hands to spread her thighs as he would grind and buck into the hot spot between her thighs, until she came with a scream of pleasure that he would cover with his mouth. The rest of him was all man. Kitty and Piotr had been the first pair to lose after Piotr had sunk the white ball in the corner pocket off the black 8 ball. Patreon commission Kitty pryde by DearEditor. Bobby watched her head bobbing up and down on his pelvis and decided to give her a helping hand.

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