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Download Download video in p quality 5. Many use camouflage to avoid detection, the skin often being spotted or streaked in neutral colours that allow a stationary frog to merge into its surroundings. Archived from the original on Because of this fossorial existence, it was first described inbeing new to the scientific community at that time, although previously known to local people. Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities to Make a Difference.

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To warm up, they can move into the sun or onto a warm surface; if they overheat, they can move into the shade or adopt a stance that exposes the minimum area of skin to the air.

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Environmental Physiology of Animals. This could not be linked directly to human activities, such as deforestation, and was outside the range of normal fluctuations in population size. Ground-dwelling frogs generally lack the adaptations of aquatic and arboreal frogs. The metatarsals have become elongated to add to the leg length and allow frogs to push against the ground for a longer period on take-off. By measuring the toad's uptake of oxygen it was found that hopping was an inefficient use of resources during sustained locomotion but was a useful strategy during short bursts of high-intensity activity.

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