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Now undress and get on your hands and knees. Afterward you stay inside me. Just cum into your fucking pillow. Love to you and my cum to her sweet pussy and then eat her until she cum's All over my face??? You watch intently as I guide the bulbous head of your breeding tool to my entrance and lower myself onto you.

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That little mouth of yours put you in trouble.

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You became a prude in there? Now on the bed. His balls popping against your clit over and over slowly turning your pussy into a lake of wetness. You began to slowly slide down your burgundy velour short along with your lilac laced panties. His torso was raising up and down in a fast speed, his eyes closed and a little smile tucking his lips softly. I should be ovulating today - I think this is the moment he finally knocks me up and gives me the baby she never had. When I recover…do it again…and again.

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